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How to deal with negative feedback on Amazon
23 July 2019

How to deal with negative feedback on Amazon

Amazon Product reviews or buyer feedback is the lifeline that helps boost sales of your products, and can help you win an Amazon Buy Box. Product reviews or feedback are the tools sellers use to achieve higher conversion rates. Receiving negative feedback gives you a frustrating feeling, and can harm sales, profits and your Buy Box percentage.

There are numerous types of feedback received from the buyers. Some of them can’t be removed, but can be avoided. Amazon will only remove feedback where the reviewer has used “obscene language” or included “personally identifiable information”.

There are three ways to deal with negative feedback that may hinder your success on Amazon.

  • Removal of the review by the customer

Product reviews or feedback can be deleted or edited by the reviewer. You can get in contact with the reviewer and convince him/her to change the review or remove it completely.

There is a moderate chance of removing negative feedback this way, because it can be a tricky task to track a customer if he/she has used a fake or pen name for writing the reviews.

Using this method of removal or revising the feedback can be a tedious task, because you have to find out the details of the customer who has given the feedback and contactthem. In this case, you might have to return the price paid by the reviewer for that purchase.

It becomes more difficult when a non-customer of Amazon has written a review using a pseudonym.  

  • Removal of the review by Amazon

You can get the review removed by Amazon with just a few steps if it does not comply with the review guidelines. There is a low chance that Amazon will delete a review. It will when any comment or review violates their feedback guidelines.

Requesting Amazon to remove feedback is an easy process which you do by clicking on the questionable review, and click on “report abuse”. You can also send an email to [email protected], and provide the ASIN of your product, the date and time of the review, the name of the reviewer and a link to the review.

Before you start reporting each 1-star review, you should keep in mind that you'll only get Amazon to delete them if there is a specific violation of their guidelines. Avoid reporting too much to Amazon, becasue you may decrease your internal rating and lower your chance of winning a buy box.

  • Comment publicly

Commenting on the review generated is considered to be the best practice for turning the tables for you. You can put the negative comment in the right light by commenting on it.

Click on the review section, and reply to the comment by mentioning the solution or measure taken to avoid the inconvenience caused. By doing this, the review won’t be removed. Your comment on it can put the review into a positive light, and might not affect your conversion rates.

When you comment, there is no need to negotiate or compensate. To give an appropriate responses, it should be a customized comment rather than from a template. 


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