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Proven Formulas to Make Your YouTube Ads More Profitable
24 July 2019

Today, YouTube is the most visited platform for watching online videos. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, announce a new product or generate leads for your offers, YouTube advertising has become an indispensable part of the marketing campaign of every marketer.

Top marketers stress the fact that if your marketing strategy does not include a video, your visibility and business growth potential is at stake. Below are six effectively proven tactics that will help you make a wise investment for your YouTube Ad budget to gain attention from your prospects.


  1. YouTube Ad Format Selection

YouTube suggests many types of Ad formats to promote your brand offers in the best possible way and obtain benefits through them. Every Ad on YouTube serves a specific purpose and is created to provide a specific benefit to marketers. For example, if you’re looking to raise brand awareness with an engaging video Ad, then run a TrueView in-stream or discovery Ad.

Experiment with different types of Ads and compare their performance. It would be worth investing in market research to understand the Ad format that matches your business goals.


  1. In-Stream and Discovery Ads into Different Campaigns

In-stream Ads and discovery Ads are quite different and should be used distinctly as search and Google Display Ads.

In-stream Ads play before, during, or after other videos. Discovery Ads appear next to related YouTube videos, as part of YouTube search results, or alongside other content across the Display Network.

Because of these differences, you should have a different budget and strategy for both to drive more profit.


  1. Use YouTube Targeting Options

Just like Google and Facebook, you should pay close attention to the audience consuming or viewing your content. YouTube allows great flexibility to take control over who sees your Ads. Starting with demographic targeting, you can then layer on affinity audience, custom affinity audiences, and in-market audiences.


  1. Set Video Remarketing Pixels

Remarketing is the most effective and preferred targeting method amongst top marketers. The important thing about remarketing is that it’s relatively easy to set up, and once configured there isn’t much you need to do apart from tracking the effectiveness.


  1. High-Quality Engaging Video Content

The internet is packed with video content and making yours stand out from the rest is a tough nut to crack. It’s important to focus on producing high-quality video content.

Think of quality as something that does not feel like your typical advertisement, as it’s not an annoyance or a disturbance.


  1. Keep Interactive Elements to Your Ads

You can give an attractive twist to your Ads by adding calls-to-action, cards to showcase products, or even auto-end screens encouraging the viewer to download your app.

Whether your business model is B2B or B2C, you have some goal in mind that led you to advertise, so why not capitalize on them to drive action.


Videos have become a critical piece of the marketing puzzle because of the amount of video content consumed by the audience. Creating an Ad is easy but driving results from it requires a little more effort. So, explore these actionable features to reach your video Ad goals faster. 

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