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Effective Methods to Promote YouTube Videos with AdWords
24 July 2019

There are various Google AdWords techniques to promote your videos on YouTube. With these techniques, you can easily drive traffic to your business, and get the results you’ve always aspired for.

Here are the 5 most powerful techniques to help you promote your videos through AdWords.


  1. Demographic and Location Targeting

There is a chance that your audience might already be engaged with YouTube content on a daily basis. So, if you want to reach your targeted audience in an effortless manner, you must refine your audience as much as possible.

When users sign in from their Google account, we can use demographics from their settings or their activity in Google properties, on the basis of their account status.

By using demographic targeting, you can easily attract your targeted audience & even get them hooked to your channel. The demographics include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Parental status
  • Household income
  • Spending pattern etc.


  1. Placement Targeting

There are various channels for every niche on YouTube. You have to look upon the channels your audience is subscribing to in order to understand their tastes and preferences. After doing so, you can run your targeted ads with these channels and promote your own.

You can also conduct your research outside AdWords to find out the popular channels that are getting engagement within your target market. Then target them with placements to achieve best results.


  1. In-Market Audiences

If you’re willing to narrow your targeting, you must promote your YouTube videos to those audiences that have shown their interest to Google for purchasing an item.

By promoting your videos to high-interest shoppers using in-market audiences makes it very smooth and a tireless process.

Google qualifies someone as being in-market for a specific product or service by considering clicks on related ads and subsequent conversions, along with the content of the sites and pages they visit and the recency and frequency of the visits.


  1. Remarketing Lists

You can use AdWords in promoting your YouTube videos to similar audiences only if you’ve created a remarketing list that features a well-performing audience.

AdWords understand the interests and characteristics of the people in your remarketing list. With this information, AdWords finds new potential customers whose interests and characteristics are similar to those in your remarketing list.


  1. Custom Affinity Audiences

In Google AdWords, you can use custom affinity audience in order to promote your videos to users who have shown interest in your products. With this, you can easily run TrueView YouTube Ads and attract more targeted audiences.

This method helps to create an audience that is more personalized to your brand. You can create custom affinity audiences by combining the following:

  • Interests entered as keyword phrases
  • URLs to create interest categories based on the content of the website
  • Types of places that people are interested in
  • Apps that an ideal customer might be interested in

All the methods to promote your videos with AdWords are beneficial but you have to try and choose the one that works best for your niche. So stop thinking and give these techniques a try.

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